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 Oksana Zukova

Born 1985.10.20 in Vilnius (Lithuania)
In her youngest age, we could already feel Oksana had the artistic fibers...
With 6 years old she achieved her first painting.
Since this time she never stopped to produce...
She reinforced her gift orienting her studies towards art and graduating the Technological College of Design in Vilnius.
Before that she participated to film TV shootings in Germany and even directed
a beautiful documentary about globalization in Slovakai.
She never stopped painting and recently attended the Beaux Arts Institute in Cannes (France) where she exposed her paintings in a first exhibition at the Hotel Miramar in Cannes.
She continued to develop photo shootings all along her travels around the world, but also in her own country, weddings, baptisms, but always adding an artistic touch in everything.
She also produced series of short video films and cartoons, and among all these activities ... painting remains her favourite...
she is turning each day more and more into a more mature artist....but in each of her pieces you can feel her spontaneity, always putting a personal refinement...
and you can always recognize her work...she has found her identity.


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